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Submitted on
October 24, 2012


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The gathering went way better than planned. It even rained non-stop, all day!

The turnout was great and everyone in attendance had a superb time.

A super huge special thanks to the Deviant Art Creative Grant...committee? Team? People? At any rate, this project would not have been possible without their assistance.

Artwork by:
--Alex Vasquez
--Philip Holt
--Mark Kitchens
--Terry Horn
--Jessie Allen
--Ahmed Salam
--Josh Martinez
--Steve Watkins
--James Cockroft

Live music by:
--Reinventing Jude
--The More You Know
--The Cliff

For those of you who were not able to attend the Full Moon Art and Music Fest (distance, work, funds, etc.) here's a link to some images that captured the essence of the event.


Photos by Christopher Fraher

Sidenote: One of the many guests started talking to me about a small gallery show that they wanted to put together in tandem with the grand opening of their salon. Long story short, a couple of weeks, I found myself and a small collection of art at another show. This started a sort of chain reaction. Someone at the grand opening made the same request. That show was just a few days ago. And now...I'm planning another gallery show / fund raiser for early December!!! So in love with life.

(There were several other artists booked, but they cancelled or just didn't show up.)
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